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So finally, it's a tag that forces me to reveal things about myself... Something I would not normally do on my blog... but here goes anyway. Thanks to the taggers, and I pity the taggee's (credit for that goes to great inventor of insane words... againstthegrain)

And I was originally tagged by QuarterPastSeven... There, I think that's about all the acknowledging I have to do... I thought double tagging was againsttherules? :)

'Rules help control the fun!', so I do have to mention them:
These are the rules:

1. Link to the person(s) who tagged you

2. Mention these rules on your blog

3. List 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…

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Quirks!! All the stuff you can torture me about :P

1) I like to AirSing, i.e. mouth the words of a song when I'm listening to it on my phone/mp3. You will not hear a word from my mouth, but if you're a lipreader, you'd get a real treat :) I'll do this everywhere... from the tube, to on buses to while walking down the street... I will however, never do this when with someone I know. And then there's AirGuitaring, which I hardly need explain. And I have no idea how to play a real guitar, by the way... I just put on a real good show :) holding all the right cords and concentrating intensely on my hand movements... Sometimes I AirDrum, but it's really hard to do that while walking and not look like a retard...

2) I have an obsession for organisation. Everything has its place in my room, and some of it is just not practical. Everything MUST be arranged in lines, squares, rectangles and rhombuses. Never circles, in case you were wondering. My table HAS to be clean all the time, and I will try to organize the most impossible things. Including friend's computers... I'm sure some of you are familiar with my whining about YOUR computer :) And I will kill you if you touch my stuff... I will... Don't disturb the fighter wing formation on my desk... you risk having your eyes gouged out..

3) I have an aversion to incorrect spelling and grammar, and I cannot stand "lol"... And when I say I can't stand "lol", I mean I can't stand "Rotfl", "Rofl", "Lmao", "AFAIK" and tons of other 'forumspeak'. It is not a language, get it out of my face. This has direct tie ins to 'organisation'. I also cannot get my head around using "Wicked" to denote something that is, in fact, excellent... Maybe I'm just too last century...

4) Any girl that walks with me must always walk on the 'safe' side of the pavement, or should always sit on the 'safe' side of the rick. I will insist on walking/riding in this way, and no other way, and I will like you much less if you make a big deal about it. The safe side is the inside (away from the road), and I've always had this obsession.

5) I am guilty of sometimes listening (and singing along) to the Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, Hilary Duff and Westlife. I'm sorry, but their music is addictive. And don't you dare 'diss' Hilary Duff... I'm absolutely in love with her, and have been for a very long time (although I liked her better when she was fat and had blonde hair). Oh, and add Ricky Martin to that list... I found this old CD called "Ricky Martin 99", and throw it on from time to time... LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA!! :P okay, sorry... I also have obsessions with ABBA, The Carpenters and The Beatles, but those are still considered normal (right?)

6) I am in love with aircraft... While others are excitedly talking about hand crafted engines on the new Ferrari whatever three hundred and whatnot... I'm talking about the Pratt and Whitney F100... And when you say Rolls-Royce, my mind first connects to aircraft engine manufacture and then moves on to the car manufacture if that is not what you are talking about... I don't know crap about cars or bikes, and I look really stupid and 'uncool' when someone is talking about them... but I can just throw STOVL at them and they won't know what to make of it :)

So that's it... That's some stuff about me that is probably exclusive to me... I think that makes them quirks... So anyway... who do I tag? who do I tag? :) I tag:

1) Maliha
2) Half Truths and Fictions
3) Arielle/Becoming
4) Lalaine/Relativity
5) Confused College Girl
6) Elise

Arr... Get quirking and tagging...

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The Gaming Stigma

So I finally ran out of excuses to not update my blog... Plus studying seemed less inviting than this... so here I am! How's everyone been? :)

So anyway, after extensive research... here's the answer to all your problems... If you're in *really* deep shit, one sure fire way to get out of it is to say you play video games... Then no matter what you've done (murder, drugs, rape... really... WHATEVER), it's a video game that's to blame.

It's just utterly fucking pissing off that you actually have the nerve to blame a video game when something goes wrong. Once you blame it, how about suing left right and center? Take this article for example (I know it's a bit old, but it's one of the best examples of what I'm trying to explain). I understand the grief of the matter, but how does it even make sense to sue Sony for the tragedy? Sony, for chrissakes...

"There are police at every turn, and endless opportunities to take them down"

Um, NO... Play the fucking game before you talk as though you know it! True, there are police at every turn, but you go around 'taking them down' and you're game is going to be pretty screwed, pretty fast... If GTA's taught me anything... It's to not screw around with the cops...

I say again, I do understand what happened, and the gravity of the situation. I am in no way deadened to it, and I know what "three people dead" means, and it was horrible, no doubt, but blaming something else is not the answer. That's like saying violent movies inspire you to kill people everywhere. And you know what? That WAS the theory for a really long time, until video games came along, and people had new excuses.

How about this?

"Detectives said the game provoked a street gang accused of robbing and killing six people"

COME ON!! Notice how it said "Street Gang"? Hey, Let's play some GTA and then go out and kill people... because the game wants us to do that, and we're teenagers... we obviously don't know any better...

The game itself is much like any other game. The GTA Title has existed for a very long time, and I used to be an avid player of GTAII (no less violent, just less 3D). The fact that they're linking murders to games means there's something so inherently wrong with us... How far is the blame going to go till it comes back to who it really belongs to in the first place. Us. And the Sopranos were obviously so fucking angelic were they? Even won tons of awards for their absolute "Old lady love" factor... The game itself is highly mission oriented and goal driven, so really it's not a game based solely on mindless violence. Mindless violence will kill you... In the game, and in real life... and they got that down pat.

There's virtually no difference between the real world and violent games today... Killing people? Happens Everyday... Stealing Cars? Insurance companies for what? And the real world came first. So it's more a case of Virtual violence inspired by real violence. Stop looking at me like I'm too stupid to know the difference between real and imagined violence, and don't look at me like I don't understand cause and effect.... consequences...

I really wish people would think (i.e. touch a game, even Pokemon) before they start talking. And I wish they would stop acting so enlightened about everything. They really aren't. There are still millions of kids with "risk factors" that play GTA4 and go through each day making it a point to not kill people... There is no room for mindless mowing down of people, and the reason GTA is so popular is because its a simulator.. Not a murder simulator, but a real life simulator. I used to love Midtown Madness because of the choice of mission oriented driving, or just plain cruising. GTA lets me do what I want... I can drive a taxi if I want to and earn money for every fare... It's the freedom to do whatever I want, and no other game has that...

Games don't kill people... Ideas kill people... People kill people... And to highlight that, I take one of my favorite quotes, from an article I read somewhere
"You wake up one morning and you're fat. What do you do? You sue McDonalds. Hell, it must be someone else's fault. You're not to blame."

Quote from CtrlAltDel (If you do decide to begin reading, read it from the beginning!)

"So let's play a game, let's find tons of things that are wrong with the world, and blame them on video games... And you get extra points if you can blame World War II on games"

Tackle some real fucking problems will you? I'm sure you'll find some if you pull your head out of your ass.

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Why are you, lady?

Who are you? Dear bank teller lady? What is it that makes you so self assured and confident of yourself? Is it that you sit behind a Counter that has a Safety Glass fitted with a Time Delay Lock? Or is it that you love the service you are in? Or is it that you are fake?

What tune do you hum when you put on your impeccable blue suit in the morning? What beat do you tap to when you step out of the shower? What faces do you make at the mirror after wiping the steam clean? How much time do you leave yourself in the morning to throw open the curtains and take in the fresh air?

Do you say goodbye to your daughter? Or is it your son? Your partner? Perhaps a dog, a cat or a mouse... Or do you say goodbye to Cap'n Crunch? Do you have anyone to say goodbye to? Do you want someone, or are you convincing yourself that you are happy, for now, you are happy?

Do you smile at the bus driver and thank him, or do you smile at the cute guy making eyes at you on the tube? Do you vacate your seat for "Those less able to stand"? Do you play your music really loud or eat smelly food? Is it incredibly stupid that I ask this of a woman in an impeccable blue suit? Do you take your car to work, thinking about your ever increasing carbon footprint in the back of your head? Do you drum on the steering wheel to Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles or is it the All American Rejects?

Are you the one who says "Hi" to everyone at the office or are you the one who sits quietly in a corner, talking to just a couple of people? Are you loved or hated and do you know it? Can you be sure? Why does it matter to you if it does, my lady? Do you bother saying anything to the Too full of himself manager? Would it kill you to?

Why are you so nice to me? Is it because you're nice, or is it because you have to be? Is that smile genuine? Has years of the same smile done wonders for your acting skills or your skin? Would you care if I actually cared about your smile other than the business I am on the other side of the Time Delay Lock? Would you consider that human or none of my goddamn business?

I have to ask you, is your glamor a farce? Does the world turn gray and lonely each and every day at the end of the day or is it a world filled with vibrant colors and natural hues? Is your smile as ready when you head back home? Is it even half attempted even though you're tired? Or did it never exist in the first place?

Do you understand the world you live in? Do you need to be told about wonders or are you experiencing them? Are you happy or unhappy or numb? What are you lady? and Why?

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The Great Religious Post

No matter how much I promise myself that I will NOT breach the subject of religion on my blog, it's always at the back of my head, and when there's stuff in my head, it usually drags me to the keyboard, kicking and screaming... My mum gets pretty pissed off about the fingernail scrapes on the walls.

There are several reasons I don't want to write a post about religion. The best of these reasons are that writing it would be like opening Pandora's box, and that I don't quite want my thoughts on religion known (lest someone reports me as "Objectionable Content").

No, I'm not exactly a fanatic.. Not exactly...

Too many people ask me about my religion, and the truth is, I don't know what to say. To say that I'm an atheist wouldn't be entirely correct because I don't know whether God exists or not, and I can't make a call on something I don't know. Then I thought, Well, that makes me agnostic, but that didn't quite stick (I'll tell you why in a while). So now I'm stuck wishing all forms would incorporate anti religious instead of "I prefer not to say". Ticking the "I prefer not to say" box actually says a hell of a lot about you.

So why exactly am I 'anti-religious'? Well, if you haven't guessed already, I suggest you grab the nearest newspaper and tell me how much of it has anything at all to do with religion. Religion has infiltrated every single aspect of our lives, it governs the way we do almost everything, and it inspires darkness rather than showing us the light... It's like Facebook on steroids..

Sure, the basic idea of religion was to do good in the world.. But something just went terribly wrong and God's grand plan was screwed up by man... in the form of religion. Religion is man-made. I was filling up some NHS forms for my family yesterday (since it's a lot of work, I'm principal form filler for my family). I ticked "Hindu/Hinduism" for my family, and I filled out "None" for me. I guess that pretty much means the same as Anti-religious, but anyway, conversation ensued:

Mom: "Tsk... I've seen a lot of people like you in my time... Who say that they don't belong to any religion"

Me: "I'm not saying I don't believe in God, I'm just saying religion is perverting the very course of God's plan."

Mom: "What's wrong with religion?"

Me: "What's wrong with religion? Why is there so much anger and killing in the name of religion? And why even worship God this way or that? Why not just do it our own way?"

Mom: "Yes, do that then"

Me: "Which is what I'm doing!"

All I'm saying here is that religion sure is the cause of a lot of good in the world, but why do we twist it until it causes discomfort, darkness, anger and pain for others around us? What exactly IS religion other than a set of beliefs? Why must it dictate everything we do? Why is it that even if you sin, it becomes okay if you go to your respective place of worship and ask for forgiveness? Think about it... Who really is forgiving you? Your priest. So what you're saying technically is that if your conscience was a person... it would be him? At the end of the day, the yardstick you measure yourself by is the weight of your conscience...

Think Christianity... Why is it that there are no female priests? Think Islam... Why are Muslim women not allowed to enter the inner sanctum of a mosque? Why are their husbands allowed to be polygamous, while they are beaten and killed if they dare accuse someone of rape? Think Hinduism... Why is it that the caste system still exists in a developing country like India? I'm not pointing any fingers here, I'm sure there are tons of things wrong with a lot of other religions (and my god there are so many)...

And you wanna know what the scariest bit is?? That if we had a chance to start over with absolutely no memory... We'll still somehow evolve into our stupid beliefs... I can't say I believe in God, because I don't know if the God that you say exists, does really exist. I guess I just hate the idea of not being in control of my fate.

But I can tell you that I know there is a higher power than all of us, and most times, that power is used as an excuse to explain the unexplained. But sometimes, it fits, and it makes sense, and we catch a glimpse of that positive force. And it's beautiful.

Why contaminate that beauty with such a thing as base as religion?

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